Tenant Guide

Our desire is that we have happy tenants and happy communities in our buildings, so it is important that we all know what is expected of us.

House Rules

Each VALprop building has a set of house rules. Following the house rules can help to avoid problems between neighbours and make the building a safe, pleasant place to live.

Being a good neighbour invlolves:

  • Keeping the common areas clean, quiet and safe.
  • Showing consideration to other tenants and their property (for example, being careful about other people’s cars in the parking lot and their washing on the line, not dropping litter in the building).
  • Not making a noise late at night or very early in the morning.
  • Making sure your children follow the same rules that you do, even when they are playing somewhere in the building where you can't see them.
  • Respecting VALprop’s policy of non-discrimination and treating all neighbours with the same consideration that you would like them to show towards you.

Maintaining Your building or flat

VALprop maintains your building. This involves keeping the structure of the building in good condition and maintaining the plumbing, lifts, electrical fittings and the paving in the common areas.

Looking after the inside of your flat is your responsibility, for example replacing items such as light bulbs and paying for fixing anything that you have broken. The VALprop has the right to inspect your flat if necessary.

If you, or your family, damage anything in your flat you must have it fixed as soon as possible. The Housing Supervisor will ask you to sign a requisition slip, which says that you will pay for the cost of the repairs. You can ask the Housing Supervisor to help organise the repairs and then VALprop will charge you for the repair- work that is needed.

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