Welcome to Valprop

VALprop was established in 1992, to deliver affordable rental housing in the near city areas of Johannesburg. VALprop introduced an alternative to the predominant focus of home ownership and developed solutions to meet the housing needs of moderate income families.

At VALprop, we instinctively position what the company is offering. So we make it easier for our target customers to do business with us.
All VALprop's achievements have been accomplished within a framework of strict business principles. It is this framework that has enabled us to secure the financial sustainability of the company. Without any precedent to follow, we have learnt along the way:

  • Design to produce quality at an affordable cost,
  • Building on empty land.
  • Upgrading derelict buildings

Now in operation for over two decades, VALprop has invested in excess of twenty new and refurbished buildings, which are safe and secure with 7 good quality construction & finishes. The effectiveness of day-to-day maintenance in our buildings and the overall relationship between VALprop and its tenants are coordinated by VALprop’s housing supervisors.

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